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  • Kickers

    Karate Club for 4-6 yrs

    Started March 2012 the classes are limited to 20 students,Get on the list ASAP, for more info click the link below.
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    Get a free introductory lesson, plus receive your first Month of lessons for just £15, and a free Gi for children!

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  • Beginners

    The idea of joining our club to start-out in JKA Shotokan Karate may seem a bit daunting to most aspiring martial artists...
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Latest News

  • Shodan Pass

    Congratulations to Chris Tang on passing his Shodan
  • Nidan Pass

    Congratulations to Sensei Karen Dwyer on passing her Nidan
  • Sandan Pass

    Congratulations to Sensei Steve Rowe on passing his Sandan
  • JKAE National Championships 2013

    Well done to all Club members that entered the Nationals, Congratulations to all Medalists
    Photo's in Gallery....
  • Shodan Pass

    Congratulations to Thomas Lopez on achieving his Black Belt on Sunday 5th May at the K2....
  • Spring 2013 International Course

    Well done to all Stevenage students that attended another great 4 day Course at the K2....
  • 3 new Shodan Passes!

    Congratulations to Tosan Awani, Charlotte Lopez & Julie Lopez on achieving thier Black Belts on Saturday 1st December at Hatfield....
  • JKAE 4 Nations Championships 2012

    Well done to all Club members that entered the 4 Nations, Congratulations to all Medalists
  • November Club Grading

    Congratulations to all students who graded today.
    Well Done All ! ....
  • July Club Grading

    Congratulations to all students who graded today.
    Well Done All ! ....
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Stevenage Karate Club is proud to be affiliated to the Japan Karate Association.

JKA England Logo

Sensei Ohta

Sensei Yoshinobu Ohta, 6th Dan JKA

Sensei Yoshinobu Ohta
7th Dan JKA
Chief Instructor JKA England

Sensei Tom Peebles 4th Dan JKA

About the club

Stevenage Karate Club was founded in 1979 by Scott and Dean Saunders, both Shodan at the time. The club flourished under their instruction, attracting a regular attendance of 40 members at training sessions in the early 1980’s. Grading sessions were organised every 3 months at Hatfield Polytechnic, initially under Tomita Sensei and later, from 1983, under Ohta Sensei.

Both club instructors graded Nidan around that time and continued to teach at the club until Jeff Fletcher, member of National Team Kumite Champions, joined the club. Jeff held the grade of Sandan at that time and took over as Senior Club Instructor. His vast competition experience brought a new dimension to the club. It was under his instruction that Derek Oakley graded Nidan in 1985. It was also during this period that Scott and Dean, the original club founders, left the club, and when Jeff moved abroad in 1990 Derek was his natural successor as Senior Club Instructor.

The club continued to thrive and enjoyed a good and strong reputation. It was this outstanding reputation that, at the end of 1991, convinced Tom Peebles, then Shodan, to join the club.

Over the years Toms' involvement in the club has grown and in the Summer 2003 Tom became Senior Club Instructor for Stevenage Karate Club.

Stevenage Karate Club currently has 71 active members, including 19 JKA black belts and 17 new beginners.

All instructors and coaches teaching at the Stevenage clubs have to obtain an Enhanced Certificate from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), are fully Insured & Qualified to teach