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About Us

About Us


We Provide:


  • Regular weekly training sessions within the sports hall at Barclay School

  • DBS checked, qualified and insured instructors

  • Knowledgeable and experienced instructors who give up their time to practice and teach Karate

  • An environment that welcomes anyone with the interest and self motivation to invest in Karate

  • Opportunities to develop and compete in local and national competitions


  • A safe place to try new things, learn from our mistakes and support each other

We Ask Students to:


  • Commit to their own development and attend training at least once a week, every week

  • Work with instructors, listen to our guidance and follow our instruction

  • Practice in free time 

  • Attend extra training and events

  • Respect others and support and encourage each other to focus and learn

  • Speak to an instructor if you need help - that's what we're here for :)

  • Push themselves to work hard and aim to achieve

  • Enjoy Karate and reap its many positives and benefits

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