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Junior Class (Ages 6+)

Junior Class (Ages 6+)

Class Timetable

Mondays and Thursdays 6.00pm – 6.30pm (Beginners)

Mondays and Thursdays 6.30pm – 7.30pm (All grades)

At Stevenage Karate Club, we’re excited to offer a dynamic and engaging karate program designed especially for children aged 6 and over. Our children’s class is more than just learning martial arts – it’s about building strong minds and bodies while having fun and instilling essential life skills. Here’s why our karate class is the perfect choice for your child:

Benefits of Karate for Children:

Karate offers a multitude of advantages for children, fostering holistic development and growth in various areas:

1. Physical Fitness:

  • Improve cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility.
  • Develop coordination, balance, and agility through specialized exercises and techniques.

2. Self-Discipline:

  • Learn the importance of following instructions and focusing on tasks.
  • Develop self-control, time management, and the ability to set and achieve goals.

3. Confidence Boost:

  • Overcome challenges and witness personal progress, leading to increased self-esteem.
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment from mastering new skills.

4. Respect and Courtesy:

  • Understand the significance of respect for self and others.
  • Practice courtesy, humility, and patience through karate etiquette.

5. Focus and Concentration:

  • Enhance attention span and concentration abilities.
  • Learn to concentrate on specific tasks and stay attentive in a disciplined setting.

6. Conflict Resolution:

  • Acquire problem-solving skills and learn to manage conflicts peacefully.
  • Develop emotional control and effective communication techniques.

7. Anti-Bullying Skills:

  • Build the confidence to stand up against bullying and avoid being a target.
  • Develop assertiveness while respecting others’ boundaries.

8. Social Interaction:

  • Engage with peers in a positive, structured environment.
  • Form lasting friendships and learn the importance of teamwork.

Why Choose Stevenage Karate Club:

1. Experienced Instructors: Our skilled instructors have extensive experience working with children, ensuring a safe and nurturing learning environment.

2. Structured Curriculum: We follow a well-organized curriculum that ensures steady progress while keeping the class exciting and engaging.

3. Emphasis on Safety: Safety is our priority. We teach techniques gradually and provide adequate protective equipment.

4. Character Development: We focus on instilling valuable life skills that go beyond the dojo, helping your child succeed in various aspects of life.

5. Family-Friendly Atmosphere: At Stevenage Karate Club, we believe in fostering a sense of community among parents, students, and instructors.

6. Trial Classes: Curious if karate is the right fit for your child? We offer trial classes to help you make an informed decision.

Give your child the gift of confidence, discipline, and physical fitness through our children’s karate class at Stevenage Karate Club. Join us in this exciting journey of growth and empowerment!

Enroll your child today and watch them flourish through the power of karate.

We can’t wait to welcome your child to our dojo!