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Student Area

Student Area

This is our student area which is home to a selection of resources and videos designed to help students practice outside of the Dojo. Below, you can find a selection of content ranging from kata videos performed by JKA instructors to exercises designed to support key techniques (all credit for the videos below belongs to the respected owners).

Kata Videos

This is the first kata students learn and it is designed to focus on basic punches and downward blocks.

This is the first of the Heian katas and builds upon Kihon. 

The second Heian kata introduces more complex techniques. 

The third Heian kata.

The fourth Heian kata.

The fifth Heian kata.

The first kata performed entirely in Kiba-dachi (horse riding stance).

Translating to “Storming the fortress”, this kata should be performed with power.

Exercises to support techniques

A 3 minute workout session aimed at developing core strength.

The short exercise videos below will help develop the muscles needed to improve your kicks.

These short videos are designed to develop muscles needed for punching. 

A short video with exercises designed to help improve your blocking techniques.

These exercises are designed to be carried out at home. However, nothing replaces the benefits of attending lessons in the Dojo. The exercises and practice videos above are designed to support additional home training. Please take care when carrying out exercises and stop immediately if you notice any pain or discomfort. If you are unsure of what you need to work on, speak to one of our club instructors who will be more than happy to support you.