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Presentation to Parents 2024

The club was delighted to hold its first Presentation to Parents evening on the 11th January 2024 at the Dojo. It was an excellent night that was the culmination of several lessons work by the students in preparation.

The night was split into two parts: Our white belts began the evening by showing off moves they had been practising over the last few weeks. They were doing this in the hopes of earning their first (or second) Orange Tag for their belt. They had to show a series of moves independently as well as completing some simple balance and strength exercises. We were delighted to see them work so hard and they all managed to successfully earn their tags! The white belts who have been training with us for longer had to demonstrate their first kata (Kihon) to count in front of their parents. Like the first group, they had been working on this for several weeks and it was great to see it all come together on the night. The performance was a great success and everyone in the group managed to earn their orange and white belt. As a result of this, they have now moved up into our main class and it is lovely to see them progress.

After the white belts had shown what they could do, it was the turn of our main class. They had been working for several weeks on preparing a variety of performances in small groups. Our lower grade students performed team kata that progressed in complexity. Meanwhile, our higher grade students performed a team kata and then showed some of the bunkai (application) of a selection of the moves contained within the kata. Each group put in a lot of time ahead of the performance and put on a great show.

The final part of the night saw the club instructors showcase a selection of techniques, mainly resulting in me ending up on the floor. Luckily, Eva came to my rescue in the end!

We would like to say a huge congratulations to all of our students who took part and would like to thank our parents/carers for their continued support. Here is to a fantastic 2024!



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